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Surveying, Energy Assessment & Design/Consultation Services

A building energy survey is a practical step to identify, quantify and prioritise tangible opportunities to reduce energy use, costs and carbon emissions in a building or on a site. It can also evaluate the feasibility of renewable energy opportunities. We can provide a detailed feasibility study to help you identify the most appropriate low carbon solution and help you take advantage of any Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) and Renewable Heat Incentives (RHIs).

Surveying Energy Assessment and Design Consultation
Domestic and Commercial Heat Pump Installation

Domestic & Commercial Heat Pump Installation

The term ‘Heat Pumps‘ refers to a group of technologies that incorporate HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) devices that provide heat energy that is transferred from a source of heat or warmth, to a destination called a heat sink, effectively ‘pumping‘ warmth from one place to another. Heat pumps move thermal energy in the opposite direction of spontaneous heat flow by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer one. Their primary function is space heating through radiators, underfloor heating systems, or warm air convectors, they can also be used to heat water for use in your home or business. Most heating pumps have fantastic climate control capabilities and can be used to provide space cooling by simply reversing the process of space heating. In many ways, a heat pump is functionally the same as conventional air conditioners. It’s basically an air conditioner that can reverse itself.


Solar PV and Battery Back-up Installation

Our system recommendations depend on the following factors:


Whether you want standard domestic Single Phase (230V) backup or 3 Phase (400V) backup.

Your required system size – solar system size (kWp), charge/discharge rating (kW) and storage capacity (kWh).

Whether or not you have already installed solar PV – if you haven’t, or if the solar PV inverter needs replacing, a DC-coupled system could be the way to go.

Solar PV and Battery Backup Installation
Solar Thermal Installation

Solar Thermal Installation

A solar thermal system uses warmth from the sun to heat water for your home or business. Solar thermal panels are usually made of tubes, called collectors, that are filled with liquid which is warmed by the sun’s heat. The warm fluid is then pumped through a coil in your water cylinder, warming your water up.


Domestic and Commercial Gas Installation

We can provide the highest quality workmanship using the best and most efficient materials to best suit your project in both Domestic and Commercial settings.

Domestic and Commercial Gas Installation
Internal and External Insulation Measures

Internal & External Insulation Measures

For solid-walled homes (i.e. solid stone or brick properties typically built before the 20th century) where cavity wall insulation is understandably not an option, you have a choice between external or internal wall insulation.


Roofing & Building Works

We cover ALL aspects of roofing works, from minor repairs to complete new roofing systems;

  • Flat roofing 

  • Slate 

  • Tiling

  • Pitched Roofing

  • Rubber Roofing

Roofing and Building Works


Planning to renovate your entire office building? Or looking for professional scaffolders and quality scaffolding supplies for a new build project? Contact EMB for the supply and erection of safe scaffolding systems. We are one of the leading scaffolding contractors in the Yorkshire area and meet the highest possible health and safety requirements. All operatives employed are CIRCS health and safety card holders with the SSSTS site supervising scheme. From commercial safety netting to the installation of high-quality safety fences, we have the expertise to handle it all.


UPVC Windows & Doors

  • Top branded market leading hardware

  • Locking window and door handles plus secure hinges and hooks

  • Multi-point locking system installed on all windows and doors

  • Internally beaded windows and doors

  • 10-year guarantee

  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable staff

UPVC Windows and Doors
Draft Proofing


Keeping your property cosy and warm during the winter is very important. However, if there are draughts in your home, it means that warm air is getting out and cold air is getting inside. There are various ways to draught proof your home, starting with finding where the cold air is coming from – it could be unwanted gaps in your windows, letterboxes, chimneys, skirting boards, cat flaps or cracks in the walls. EMB can help locate and eliminate all sources of draft, leaving your building warm and weather proof.


Commercial & Domestic LED Lighting

Our team of highly skilled LED lighting installers are able to install LED lighting in your home, office, factory, or shop unit. LED Lighting is ideal for several purposes, such as decorative purposes in commercial LED lighting installation, as well as for general use. Besides being energy efficient, LEDs offer scope for more creative lighting systems. For instance, LED lighting installation can be used for narrow lighting strips, for lighting stairwells, and as an alternative to low-energy fluorescent lighting in the house.

Commercial and Domestic LED Lighting
Smart Home Installation

Smart Home Installation

In an era of busy schedules, finding enough time to enjoy your time with your loved ones can become a scarcity. EMB’s smart home installation services offer you the latest innovations to solve this problem. We intelligently integrate your home with the help of advanced electronics and technologies. This way, you can spare less time dealing with household chores and spend more time relaxing and enjoying your life.


Rainwater Harvesting Installation

EMB’s rainwater harvesting systems are carefully selected to give you the choice of the best products available, whilst our unique packages focus on quality components which offer a high degree of filtration. As installers and service engineers we are well placed for giving you trustworthy product advice.

Rainwater Harvesting
HVAC Systems

Air-Conditioning, Heat Recovery & Ventilation Installation

EMB are industry experts in the design, installation, and maintenance of HVAC systems for domestic, commercial and industrial customers of all shapes and sizes throughout the whole of the UK. With over 15 years’ experience with HVAC technology we have the knowhow and the experience to design, install and maintain fully bespoke HVAC systems for customers large and small.


Industrial Waste Heat Recovery (in conjunction with Orcan Energy)

Many opportunities for real cost savings are being missed in the industrial industry today due to the perception that certain types of waste heat cannot be recovered. ​EMB can help you recover this wasted heat and put it to good use, saving you money and helping the environment at the same time.

Industrial Waste Heat Recovery